Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jane Austen

My mom loves Jane Austen.
Oh and by loves, I mean she's a little obsessed.
I bet you didn't know they made a Jane Austen action figure.
Well they do...
and she's got it.

In my younger years I thought Jane was a little boring,
but as I grew up I too fell in love.

This is one of my mom's favorite Jane Austen quotes,
and now, its one of mine.

Ps: Sorry if that was a little cheeseball for ya,
 but hey we're newlyweds, we're allowed to be cheesy for a while!


sherron said...

Ahhh. We so love that you guys are so in love!

Ashton Rodgers said...

i never wish to be parted from brando too

Denise said...

Well, now you know why I am obsessed...and I love my action figure with her desk and writing quill. That is also my favorite quote...I am reading Northanger Abbey right now. Love, love, love Jane Austen.

Brooke Cushman said...

You guys are cute!