Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 The same 3 thoughts are constantly running through my mind these days...

1. What should I eat next?
I always want the answer to be burgers or mashed potatoes or shaved ice or chips.

2. What will our baby's name be?
Sorry Mom and Sherron. 
We're (I'm) working on it (trying to convince Brandon to go with my pick).
She'll have a name....eventually.
(I hope)


3. What color will her hair be?
The hair dresser in me can hardly stand this mystery.
I was light, 
Brandon was dark,
and we both have some red heads in our family.

Sometimes I have dreams (nightmares) that she's bald.
That would not be funny!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Shower

Last weekend Rachel and I went home 
for my baby shower.

My cute mom really knows how to throw a party!!
All the little details were perfect
and the food was delicious.

 Once again my family and friends completely spoiled me,
(she now has more clothes then Brandon)
so I finally feel ready for this little bundle of joy to make her entrance.  

The weekend was so fun!
I felt so lucky to have so many friends and family excited about our little girl.

I can't believe she'll be here next month!!
I'm so excited to finally meet her
and I am dying to know her hair color.

Dear baby,
Since we're now ready for you to join our little family,
it won't hurt my feelings if you decide to come a week or two early.
Just a suggestion.
See ya soon!