Monday, June 25, 2012




Saturday June 9th
5:00 pm- go to dinner for anniversary
6:00- start having contractions
6:30- realize the contractions are regular
6:31-tell Brandon
6:32-Brandon freaks out
6:33- keep eating dinner
7:00-head home
8:00- stop by Hobby Lobby to buy the baby some hair bows
9:00- go to the hospital
(only dilated to a 2)
10:00-hospital gives me morphine and sends me home
10:01- morphine kicks in and I'm a happy girl

Sunday June 10th
10:00 am- wake up with mild contractions
4:00 pm- contractions get worse
7:00- go to the hospital for the second time
(still only dilated to a 2)
8:00- hospital gives me morphine and sends me home again
8:30- go to Krispy Kreme and eat a maple bar
9:00- get home and try to rest
9:30- contractions get worse and I don't rest
10:00- contractions get much worse
10:20- pain is awful and I want to die
10:30- mother in-law comes to help
10:45- I think I actually might die from the pain
11:00- head to the hospital for the third time
11:15- get to the hospital 
11:16- yell for an epidural
11:17- dilated to a 4
11:20- be really dramatic and moan scream
11:30- wait for drugs
11:40- find out i'm dilated to a 9 1/2
11:45- still waiting for drugs
11:50- anesthesiologist gives me a spinal
11:51- pain free and loving the anesthesiologist
12:00- sister Rachel makes it just in time

Monday June 11th
12:15 am- start pushing
12:45- regret eating maple bar
1:15- keep pushing
2:00- get epidural
2:35- baby is born
2:36- happy mom and dad!

 happy after epidural

Brandon getting excited/freaking out

Happy mom finally meeting her girl 

instant Daddy's girl 

 Proud K-Mom

 Proud aunt

Happy Family


A few weeks ago 
Brandon and I celebrated our
1 year anniversary!

They say time flies when you're having fun...
well we must have been having a lot of fun because it honestly feels like just yesterday.

I love being married to Brandon.
I love having him as my eternal sidekick.
I love that we get to hangout together everyday for forever.
He is my everything.

To celebrate we (attempted) to recreate the magical day,
except this time I was pregnant...very pregnant.
I actually went into labor that evening, 
so we spent the last few hours of our anniversary at the hospital.

Hey, you have to keep things exciting!
1 year down...eternity to go!