Monday, June 25, 2012


Saturday June 9th
5:00 pm- go to dinner for anniversary
6:00- start having contractions
6:30- realize the contractions are regular
6:31-tell Brandon
6:32-Brandon freaks out
6:33- keep eating dinner
7:00-head home
8:00- stop by Hobby Lobby to buy the baby some hair bows
9:00- go to the hospital
(only dilated to a 2)
10:00-hospital gives me morphine and sends me home
10:01- morphine kicks in and I'm a happy girl

Sunday June 10th
10:00 am- wake up with mild contractions
4:00 pm- contractions get worse
7:00- go to the hospital for the second time
(still only dilated to a 2)
8:00- hospital gives me morphine and sends me home again
8:30- go to Krispy Kreme and eat a maple bar
9:00- get home and try to rest
9:30- contractions get worse and I don't rest
10:00- contractions get much worse
10:20- pain is awful and I want to die
10:30- mother in-law comes to help
10:45- I think I actually might die from the pain
11:00- head to the hospital for the third time
11:15- get to the hospital 
11:16- yell for an epidural
11:17- dilated to a 4
11:20- be really dramatic and moan scream
11:30- wait for drugs
11:40- find out i'm dilated to a 9 1/2
11:45- still waiting for drugs
11:50- anesthesiologist gives me a spinal
11:51- pain free and loving the anesthesiologist
12:00- sister Rachel makes it just in time

Monday June 11th
12:15 am- start pushing
12:45- regret eating maple bar
1:15- keep pushing
2:00- get epidural
2:35- baby is born
2:36- happy mom and dad!

 happy after epidural

Brandon getting excited/freaking out

Happy mom finally meeting her girl 

instant Daddy's girl 

 Proud K-Mom

 Proud aunt

Happy Family


The Potters said...

LOVE the last picture! so cute! did you make your own hospital gown? too cute!

thefrommfam said...

Yay it was so fun to read this. It seems like it went fast. I can't wait to hear all the details.

Rachel said...

Loved getting to see all of the pics!

Rachel said...

And you are right--I totally love that picture!

Valerie Payette said...

What an absolutely ADORABLE family. And it's not fair that your hospital gown is so darn cute.