Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 The same 3 thoughts are constantly running through my mind these days...

1. What should I eat next?
I always want the answer to be burgers or mashed potatoes or shaved ice or chips.

2. What will our baby's name be?
Sorry Mom and Sherron. 
We're (I'm) working on it (trying to convince Brandon to go with my pick).
She'll have a name....eventually.
(I hope)


3. What color will her hair be?
The hair dresser in me can hardly stand this mystery.
I was light, 
Brandon was dark,
and we both have some red heads in our family.

Sometimes I have dreams (nightmares) that she's bald.
That would not be funny!


sherron said...

Blond, Brunette or Bald-she will be Beautiful.
And have a name. We can't wait to LOVE her!

Denise said...

Sherron is right...she will be fabulously could she not? I just can hardly wait to hold her and kiss her...and you too.

tia said...

Oh my gosh when I saw the title of your post I thought 3 meant that there was 3 members in your family now and the baby was born. And don't worry we did not decided on Maverick's name until a week before he was born

Denise said...

A number of years ago there was a woman Governor of the Great State of Washington who was allowed to pick her own name when she was 6! She picked the name...Dixie Lee...!!! Just saying that is another direction you could go.

Beth and Wes said...

She will be adorable even if she is bald! Oliver somehow came out with red hair...Wes and I didn't know Oliver's name until 2 days after he was born! Can't wait to meet your little cutie!!