Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pudgy Penguin

Brandon is awesome for lots of reasons,
but today he's awesome because he made an
iPhone game

 Pudgy Penguin

 its awesome, fun, and a little addicting!

Its available in the App Store for
(my favorite price)
If you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
you should definetly download it.
If you know anybody 
or maybe just see a stranger walking down the street with one
feel free to suggest Pudgy Penguin to them...
you won't regret it.

Click HERE to download it
just head to the App store and search 
Pudgy Penguin

happy playing!

PS: if you can beat level 5 in 3 tries, i'll give you the best high five of your life!


Brian, Alisha, Jayce, and Halli said...

Are you SERIOUS? He MADE a game. Smarty pants. Brian is getting an iPhone...can't wait to play! :)

McCain Family said...

Level 5 is so hard! Hayden is playing as we speak:)

Carl said...

I finally beat it last night. I swear level 10 almost had me pulling out all my hair.

thefrommfam said...

the only thing i am sad about is that there are only 12 levels. i want more levels so i can keep playing.

the moores said...

Carl-level 12 literally makes me pull my hair out.

Stephanie- don't worry more levels are coming soon.

Thanks to both of you for downloading it!!