Monday, July 9, 2012

one month

My little baby is one month old today.
I can't believe it!
Its amazing how much my life has changed in a month.
I already can't imagine my life without my little love muffin.
She has definitely captured our hearts.

Dear Avery,
 I love the little sounds that you make. 
I love that you smile in your sleep.
I love how angry you get when we swaddle your arms down.
 I love how you lick your lips after you eat. 
I love that I get to spend my days with you.
I love the way you look at your Dad and smile at him.
But most importantly I love that you've taught me how to be a mom.
I love you so much.


*Special thanks to my photographer (sister) for taking these pictures in her studio (my bedroom).
I hope I showed my appreciation to you by paying you lots of money
  (gave you a high five and let you sleep on my couch).
Avery loved (hated) every minute of it!


Black Family said...


Becca and Ashton said...

I should start a business and the only way to pay me for my amazing photos is by letting me sleep on their your couch.

Lisa Johnson McKell said...

Sarah she is beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Beth and Wes said...

Congrats she is beautiful!!

Denny and Denise said...

I love that little forgot to mention that Becca also spent some time sleeping on the bunk bed.