Saturday, July 13, 2013

dance video

So, I went to my friend's baby shower today 
which meant that Brandon would be playing with Avery this morning. 
Whenever I leave the two of them alone together I always wonder what they do.
Well today I found out.

*side note- Avery loves music. Every time she hears a song, even in church, 
she starts to dance! I dont know where she gets her dance moves from 
because neither of us dance this way. 
But apparently when she's hears us say...
"wave your arms in the air and wave em like you just don't care"
she listens.

ps) sometimes when you leave your daughter home with your husband he
kinda forgets to do her hair, clean her face and change her out of her jammies...even when its noon.
but that's ok cause when the cats away the mice will play.


Beth Perez said...

SO cute!! Oli danced from a pretty young age too, but he didn't throw his hands in the air!!

tia said...

so adorable

Denny and Denise said...

I just watched this makes me laugh and fall in love with Brandon all over again...and I get my Avery fix.