Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Very Lucky Man

Let me tell you why I am a very lucky man...

Every single morning, 
I get to wake up next to 
the girl of my dreams

She tells me that she loves me
and then asks me what I want for breakfast
(even if we're running late)

After that, we jump in the car 
and I get go on a 15 minute road trip
with my best friend
(20 minutes if there is traffic)

At 6:30pm, I leave work and 
walk out to the parking lot
Even after 2 months 
(73 days to be exact)
I still can't believe that the
 beautiful girl waiting next to the blue Honda 
is waiting for me

I then get my daily dose of laughter
as Sarah tells me about 
all the crazy customers 
that come in to her work

We get home and then she fixes 
me whatever dinner I want
(the pulled pork sandwiches are my favorite)

We then watch episodes of 
of my favorite TV show (The Office)
 even though we have seen
 them hundreds of times already

We get ready for bed 
and she again tells me 
that she loves me

Right before I fall asleep
I always think the same thing...
I am a very lucky man


becca said...

You are lucky! But she is too. You guys rock. Way to be romantic!!!

keri mae rhineer said...

freaking cute.

Rachel said...

Bonus points to Brandon!

sherron said...

A Very Lucky (and sweet) Man!

GeGe Denise said...

What a way to win your mother-in-law's heart even more...that is so you both.

Andy said...