Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 things

Being married is fun.
but being married to Brandon is especially fun!

He makes 
marriage easy
life better.

Here's a list of
 10 things I love about my Hubby...

10: He's a germaphobe
(say goodbye to the 5 second rule)

9: He watched the Sound of Music with me
let me sing along to all the songs
didn't care when I got the words (notes) wrong (tone deaf).

8: He sneaks in every morning while I'm getting ready and makes the bed.
(good job Sherron)

7: When I switched his Life cereal with the generic brand called Simple Living,
he happily ate it.
(hey life on a budget is rough)

6: Sometimes he tells me that my cooking is the best he's ever had,
but I know that's not true because his mom is like a skinny Paula Dean.

5: He had me explain the entire Twilight series to pass time in the car.
(he's team Jacob)

4: He lets me order burgers and fries
even though I complain about feeling fat
(smart boy)

3: He stayed up with me to watch Paul Blart Mall Cop.
(that's true love)

2: When I pick him up from Apple after working out,
he tells me that I look cute
(lie #1)
and that I don't smell. 
(lie #2)

1: He talks in his sleep.
The other night he yelled out razor,
and I just turned over and fell right back to sleep.
With a smile on my face
(The next day we bought razors)


Rachel said...

I like this list. I most enjoyed the watching of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I have never seen it but I do love Kevin James so I guess I'll give it a shout out.

GeGe Denise said...

You two are made for each was "Meant to be"...miss you...