Monday, July 25, 2011

date night

Date night this week
was at a little place called
The Counter.

Its a restaurant that  
 lets you put anything you want on a burger.

We're pretty sure 
they have one heaven.

Brandon hasn't smiled like this 
since our wedding!
(or any time i've cooked for him)

We enjoyed our delicious burgers,
(I ate all of mine)
and then spent a quiet evening at home watching
Friday Night Lights!
(quickly changed into loose elastic pants)

Life is so good!


Beth and Wes said...

Its not weird that you love Oliver, I don't know how anyone wouldn't!! Looks like you and Brando are doing awesome!! Are you planning a trip to Spokane anytime soon? I'd love to see you and meet Brandon!

Becky said...

Sarah! I love your blog. I just read like 4 posts and it looks like you guys are having so much fun as newlyweds. I love the counter too. All the choices to put on your burger, seriously mind blowing :) I'm now blog stalking you! PS. You guys should come down south and I'll give you the grand tour. D-land anybody?