Sunday, July 3, 2011

our first adventure

Our first few weeks of marriage have been busy,
but wonderful!! 
we had an amazing honeymoon in to come!!
one short night in utah,
and then we headed west to our new home in 
Sunnyvale California!!!

We live here because this cute guy 
snagged an internship with 
the BIG apple!
(so smart)

Our first two weeks were spent getting our 
lovely apartment in order. 

So finally on Saturday we decided to head out
on our first California adventure!!

 our first stop was 
a little place we like to call
ever heard of it?

 google is awesome because
they have yellow bikes for the 
employees to ride from building to building!
we just used them to make the security guard mad
(mission accomplished)

google is also awesome
because they have giant baked goods on their front lawn.
(stealing that idea, google)

humungous desserts...
every girl's dream!

our next stop was 
Palo Alto! 
(love it)
We visited Stanford
and Facebook headquarters.

we stopped for some awesome
 tacos at Wahoos!
and continued on our way!

 our last (favorite) stop
was Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is this cute little town on the coast,
and I love it!!

we had lots of fun
watching the waves...
and the sea lions!!!
I can't wait to go back.

Well, that's about it for our first little adventure,
but dont worry...
there's moore to come!
(get it?)


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute, I love it. This is a much more efficient way to keep tabs on my cousin-way better than facebook stalking! :)

becca said...

That all looks fun, way to really play up this Moore thing!

Scott and Elly said...

Love it! What a fun place to spend the summer! So glad you're blogging:)

Rachel said...

Ok, I seriously need a sit down lesson on how to make my blog as awesome sauce as this. Pictures, font, layout, etc..if I somehow get cadbury eggs, lots of diet coke, and friday night light reruns will you teach me? I love seeing your adventures in CA, makes me miss the bay area so much. Have you been to stacks or sonoma chicken coop yet? seriously...go now:)