Monday, July 18, 2011

the zoo

It turns out we're Zoo people!!
This came as quite a shock considering neither of us really like animals.
However if they're caged and someone else is taking care of them
we're huge fans!

My favorite of the day: the elephants
they're huge,
and they eat everything in site!

Brandon's least favorite of the day: 
ALL monkeys 
He thinks they act too much like humans.
One monkey sat down to read a book and he almost lost it.
(it was hysterical)

We ended the day at the beautiful Oakland Temple.
The view from the temple is completely breathtaking.
It overlooks Oakland and the San Francisco Bay.
Its amazing and I could've stayed there all day.
(audible sigh)


Callen and Kellie said...

That was my temple growing up! I did my first baptisms there... :) Miss you.

Stefany said...

We were just talking about how zoos are boring. Or maybe that was just my opinion. Anyway . . . it might be time to try it again. I think Macy would like it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is because the Spokane zoo was rather worst in the U. S.

GeGe Denise said...

You are having so much fun!!! I miss you both so you