Monday, September 19, 2011

texas, texas, and more texas!

My trip to Texas was amazing!
Playing with Ella and Piper was pure joy.
Doing P90X with Becca was pure torture.
Not doing my hair all week was heavenly.
Lots of shopping and eating was good for my soul, 
yet bad for my wallet and thighs.
Getting splashed by Shamu at Seaworld was memorable.
Leaving the Rodgers family was sad.

 coming home to my cute husband
was happiness.

 Here are some pics from the Lone Star state.

(This could quite possibly be one of my favorite pictures of all time)

Hey, life's hard when you're a princess and a super hero!


sherron said...

A princess and a super that's what I wanna be! Look's like your little taste of Texas was fun!

becca said...

My computer broke and I have been dying to blog this. Thanks for my creepy face picture. Thanks.

Rachel said...

1. I'm jealous.
2. I so love that picture of Ella.

Papa D said...

Great pics....I miss you all!

keri mae rhineer said...

You are freaking cute... I like your life!