Friday, September 21, 2012


being a mom is awesome.
its different then I imagined.
better different.
sometimes I still look at Avery with shock that she's actually mine.
we spend a lot of time together.
we spend all our time together.
we laugh at each other.
she's my bud.
i'm surprised by how much she looks like me.
I smile when I think about a little me running around.
then I get scared when I think of a little me running around.
no one can ever explain what it feels like to be a mom.
I love the big smile she gives me when I get her out of her crib.
she smiles a lot.
I spend a lot of time finding new ways to entertain her.
she likes funny faces and sounds.
I look ridiculous most of the time.
she loves to hold my finger.
I love it too.
she likes to watch me get ready in the morning.
sometimes I pretend to put blush on her.
she smiles every time.
I love spending my days with her.
I love being her mom.


Brooke Cushman said...

You are so cute and sweet. Let's get together soon!

sherron said...

What a lucky little lady to have you as her beautiful mom!

DJCK incorporated said...

Carol plays the "make believe make up" with her granddaughters all the time. Amazing how the little girls enjoy the fantasy and the tactile comfort of those actions. Maybe us guys are missing something, although "make believe shaving" feels good too.

Denny and Denise said...

Let me tell were wonderful as a little girl running around...always happy and only occasionally did you eat my lipstick...bite it right off at the bottom...only brand new lipstick...nothing used for you...but other than that you were so fun.

Rachel said...

I miss you guys very much!!!

Papa D said...

That is a really great photo. Well done my daughter!