Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ok so I know that I haven't blogged in a while,
(Instagram is the new blog)
 but I just had to take a few minutes to gush about my Valentine

How cute is he?
(so cute)

Today is our engagement anniversary!
I love that we got engaged on Valentines Day.
It was so special then and its so special now.
Saying yes to that ever important question has led me down a path of 
love, excitement, fun and happiness.

The other day I was looking through my emails to find a recipe, and I came across 
an email that I sent to my mom right after I met Brandon...

Hi Mom, 
I hope you are having a wonderful day. Ok so I just had to tell you that I like a boy. 
He's so nice and so cute...but he's younger than me. What do you think?

Her response...

I'm fine with it. If you're happy, I'm happy!

He made me happy then,
he makes me happy now,
and I know he'll make me happy for forever!
I'm a lucky girl
Now onto the keeper of the other half of my heart!

Yes I am one of those mothers who dresses their baby up in holiday colors 
and then has a photo shoot.
I can't help it

She melts my heart every single day.


Denny and Denise said...

I love to look at the photos...I miss you guys...

Rachel said...

Love the mom e-mail! And the Avery pictures! Hopefully she is really missing her Aunt Rachel