Tuesday, August 13, 2013


So for the past week Brandon and I have been doing the
30 Day Shred
(aka 30 days of pure torture)

Before this week I kinda thought I was in shape.
I knew I wasn't in great shape,
but you know I go on runs and walks and stuff.
I was wrong.

Its been fun for Brandon and I to do together and
has been the best home workout video I've ever tried...
and I've tried a lot.
We're still just eating like we normally do, which is relatively healthy.
  I'm a girl that's gonna eat a cookie and some cake every now and then.

(Mom, YOLO means..You Only Live Once! All the kids and the Kardashians are saying it.)

Anyway, hopefully in 30 days we'll look like movie stars!
Realistically we probably wont look different at all, but I know we'll feel better.

                                                                Dear Jillian,
                          Sorry that sometimes while I'm doing the video I think mean thoughts
                    about you, and i'm extra sorry that sometimes I say them out loud. 
                 Thanks for kicking my buns everyday.  I've never been sweatier.

an out of shape housewife 


Rachel said...

This post is awesome, and I have a swearing problem now that Jillian soo hears during this thing. In full honesty, Bob's DVDs are worse! You look awesome, always have :)

Denny and Denise said...

Amazing...and so glad for the heads up on YOLO...when I have watched Jillian's work out on TV I have wanted to swear at her.