Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My week according to instagram.....

1. Since Brandon's from Texas it seemed only appropriate that he receive a gun for his birthday.
(its his baby)
2. Brandon's family came to town, so we were lucky enough to get to spend some time 
with Jace and London. This baby is so lucky to have them as her aunt and uncle.
3. Playing Kinect is fun....but not matter how hard you try, you always look ridiculous doing it!
(especially when you're pregnant)
4. Baby (really just me) was craving a burger and fries, 
so Brandon took me on date to Red Robin, aka a pregnant women's paradise.
5. Enter third trimester. I would just like to take this opportunity to take back all the times 
pre-pregnancy when I called myself fat. 
(except for ages 13-16, when I actually was fat)
6. Spring Wreath- I suddenly have the urge to do crafts every single day of the week.
Thanks Pinterest.
7. Sundays have now become "Waffle Sundays" in our home. 
8. My sweet Husband is so good with babies. Every time our friend's bring 
their baby over, he picks her right up and takes care of her. it makes me smile.
9. One morning I woke up to a sweet surprise. I'm a lucky gal.


Papa D said...

What a fun and full week!

Denise said...

Everything looks so fun...the wreath is adorable...I made one I saw on Pinterest...not as cute as yours...you are not fat!!! Brandon looks like a natural holding that baby...and I am glad you got hamburger and fries. Love you.