Monday, March 19, 2012


This is what I see every time I look down.

Some people try to tell me that my belly is little,
but I think they're crazy,
cause I feel gigantic.

She is kicking more and more these days
and I am loving every minute of it.
Sometimes i'll do little things that make her kick or move
just so I know she's still in there and that she's ok.
(bad mom?)

Poor Brandon has become very good at foot rubs, back rubs 
and trips to the store to buy me my favorite treat.
 He even pretends to act interested when we go through all 
her baby clothes and I make him pick out his favorite outfit.
He's a trooper.

                                                   oh man,
 Sometimes 12 weeks feels so far away, 
and sometimes it feels like its just around the corner.


Denise said...

I want a side view please...I remember not being able to see my feet at all...especially with you.

Papa D said...
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Papa D said...

That is a great picture. Your feet will be gone very soon!

Valerie Payette said...


Rachel said...

I think that you look fantastic :).