Wednesday, November 7, 2012

my real life

This is what a normal night is like at the Moore residence...
Brandon is home after a long day at work
dinner is finished
dishes are in the sink
the living room looks like we have 8 kids
Avery's in her jammies
I am in my jammies 
(my jammies were my outfit today)
my makeup is from yesterday
I haven't washed my hair in 3 days 
(thanks dry shampoo)
Brandon is tired
I am tired
Avery is tired.

This is my life
my real life.
no cute outfit.
no fun outing in the city.
no fancy meal.
Just me and my family.

and I love it!


Denny and Denise said...

So sweet and so real

Papa D said...

But you all look great anyway!!!!!!

Phill and Jessica said...

Love this post!

Callen and Kellie said...

That last picture... Be careful with that position. Sydney just puked in my mouth today from that position. NASTIEST THING EVER. But super cute fam!