Thursday, November 1, 2012


 We're a family that loves Halloween.
Well actually Halloween and I have a love/hate relationship.
It was fun when I was younger because I could dress up and eat lots of candy,
but as I got older the candy went straight to my thighs 
and the options for modest costumes diminished greatly.
(its like the bigger you get, the smaller the costumes get.)

Then I met Brandon and he helped me see the light.
 Now I love it all
 the decorations, the movies,
  I don't even mind the weight gain from the candy.
Plus I want holidays to be fun and special for Avery.

We started off our Halloween celebrations with a little nod to our boy Mitt Romney. 
Brandon's highest form of flattery is carving a pumpkin in your likeness.
So, Congrats Mitt!

 Halloween morning Brandon and I had spooky pancakes,
while Avery had spooky milk.
(It was actually just regular milk, but I kept calling it spooky milk so she wouldn't feel left out)

While Brandon was at work Avery and I prepared a fun Halloween dinner for us.

 This was our first attempt at homemade pizza!
Its not as easy as it looks on tv, 
(I now have more respect for Pizza Hut workers)
but it was very delicious!!!

Then while the pizza was baking we made funny teeth cookies.
I saw this idea online and I thought it would be fun and delicious!
(Brandon was strangely good at it?)

Then we passed out candy to the 3 trick or treaters that came by 
and watched my favorite Halloween movie Hocus Pocus.

Not a bad way to spend our first Halloween with our cute little girl in our new home.

 Avery's favorite part of the night was when I let her play with some candy.
A KitKat has never looked cuter!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!
(Let the countdown to Thanksgiving begin!)


Denny and Denise said...

your Halloween looked so anxious to see you.

sherron said...

You guys are seriously the cutest! It makes me so happy to see the happiness you are created together. Our precious granddaughter is one lucky girl!

Denny and Denise said...

I agree with are amazing.

Rachel said...

I love the cookies. hilarious. And I cannot wait to hold this little girl!!!!!