Thursday, January 5, 2012


The day after Christmas we headed to the annual 
Moore Family Ski trip
in Colorado.

Sadly I was not able to participate in the skiing.
Dr's orders.
It turns our when you're pregnant and accident prone
they recommend avoid speeding down steep mountains!

So each morning I sent the boys off
and then relaxed in the condo with a good book 
and a Fresh Prince of Bel Air marathon.

I love ski trips!

 Brandon got lots of baby practice with cute little Camdyn

like father,
                                                          like son                                                     

at the hot springs

out on the slopes

snuggling in the condo

The whole gang!
(yes that's me in the middle ruining the only family picture. nice,)

Don't worry, 
next year i'll show them just how well I can
ski (roll) down the bunny hill!

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becca said...

that picture of Brandon and his dad doing the exact same pose is hilarious.