Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We're seeing pink.
and turquoise. 
and yellow.
and leopard.

Basically, I haven't stopped thinking about baby clothes
since we found out about our little 

Sometimes I just go to Baby Gap and imagine my little girl in all those cute outfits,
and then I remember that Brandon is still in school,
 and that we're poor.
So then I go to Target.

In other news...
My belly is starting to look a little more pregnant
and a little less fat,
which means I am now on the hunt for cute maternity pants.

Wish me luck!


Janie Mann said...

Yay for pink and a cute little bump. Good luck shopping. I loved Gap maternity clothes and found some cute things at Motherhood and a pea in the pod too.

sherron said...

You are SEEING pink and we are TICKLED pink! Can't wait for sugar and spice!

becca said...

i love that little girl. i also love that sweater.