Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I can't sleep. 
I'm tired...but I can't sleep. 
So I've decided to blog some random facts about myself....
(this post will most likely be boring to everyone but my dad who pretty much enjoys all things and never complains)

1) I almost never watch tv. I only watch 3 shows and I watch them on Hulu. I mostly use the tv to rewatch episodes of Gilmore Girls, and when B's home we watch The Office and Parks and Rec.
 Oh and we rent movies on Netflix

2) We eat steel cut oats almost every morning for breakfast. They are delicious and good for you.

3) I am pretty much always drinking water. But it absolutely has to be cold. 
I can't drink luke warm water, it grosses me out.

4) Brandon wakes me up approximately 4 nights a week because he's a sleep talker/walker/laugher/singer/runner. It makes for good stories.

5) My hands and feet are always cold. I hear that means I could have bad circulation. It usually makes Avery giggle when my cold hands touch her cute little belly...its adorable.

6) Avery is now 6 months old...soon she'll walking, talking, driving, and my heart is breaking.

7) I've already forgotten most of the bad/annoying parts about being pregnant.
 I never believed I'd forget the 24/7 heartburn. But I have.

8) I make Brandon do lots of things with me that I know he doesn't want to do just so we can have a good laugh! like yoga, or play leap frog, or read books in accents. 

9) I am a super thrifty person. I love finding good deals and I hate spending lots of money on unimportant things. 

10) I met Wayne Gretzky at the Olympics and I got his autograph.

11) When I was little I either wanted to do hair or deliver babies. Those are two very different jobs.
 I think I chose wisely.

12) There's a good chance Avery knows all the words to "All I want for Christmas is You" 
by Mariah Carey, since we dance and sing along to it at least 2 times a day.

13) At least once a week Brandon and I reminisce about our honeymoon in Maui and how we wish we were back there, but this time with Avery Mae. 

14) I only wash my hair 3 times a week. Hopefully you think this is awesome and not gross. 
I use Sauve's dry shampoo (yes, I said Sauve, best $2.50 I ever spent)


15) I love eating chocolate covered raisins and diet coke....together....or separate. Both delicious

Ok now that i've shared a few facts about me,
 I'll leave you with some cute pics of my Aves trying homemade baby food. 
She did not love it. 
Which is weird because it looks delicious and who wouldn't want blended watered down peas?

NOTE- yes her cheeks are just as fun to kiss as you are imagining...probably even more!


sherron said...

Fact - you are THE BEST DIL that could be! Love you.

Fact - Can't wait till I'm not imagining but actually kissing those adorable cheeks!

Fact - See You Soon!

Janie Mann said...

I am loving those pics and facts about you. We can't wait to see you! anddd.... I'm loving your hair!

Denny and Denise said...

I love you and that fabulous little girl...oh and Brandon.

Phill and Jessica said...

Haha! That face in Avery's second pic is priceless! And I love your hair color! When did you do that? It looks great!

Jessy said...

OMG! I love that Brandon does that at night, Kyle is the EXACT same way. He usually wakes up in a panic that something is in our bedroom though, not that amusing!

Rachel said...

I love that meeting Wayne Gretzky made the list. Still remember you running across the street to do so.

Denny and Denise said...

I just have to keep looking at this blog...she is so wonderful...kiss those little cheeks for me.